If you have not yet received your credit voucher, or if you have an unused voucher available:

  • Yes, you can sell or transfer your membership. Your buyer, or membership recipient, will need to reach out to our customer servicedepartment to inform us that they are buying or receiving a Club membership from an existing member. We will then provide your buyer, or recipient, with information on the steps to follow, which include:

  1. Creating an account with us and providing all of their personal information.

  2. Getting their membership approved.

  3. Signing a Club membership contact and agreeing to honor the remaining payments in your membership.

You will then have to confirm the transfer before it takes effect.

If you have already received a credit voucher and used it to purchase a vehicle:

No, you cannot sell or transfer your membership. In order to terminate your membership, you have three options:

  1. Pay off the balance remaining in your account.

  2. Refinance the balance with traditional financing. We can help you with that.

  3. Sell your vehicle. The vehicle sale proceedings will be used to pay off the balance, and the remaining balance will be sent back to you.

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